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Nomination Form – Western Alumni Association Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in joining the Alumni Association Board!

Western's Alumni Association, formally established in 1949, is a non-profit organization led by an all-alumni volunteer Board of Directors. The Board serves as an advisory body to the Department of Alumni Relations. Alumni Relations works to foster connections between Western and the global alumni network.

Western University, with over 340,000+ alumni, represents one of the largest alumni bases of any Canadian university. Members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors help deliver the best alumni experience in Canada.

To learn more about the Association we invite you to review the Strategic Plan.

Board Members

To be eligible to serve on the alumni Board, candidates must be graduates of the University.

The Alumni Association Board believes strongly in equity, diversity, and inclusion, and that the composition of the Board should be representative of our alumni body.

Role of a Volunteer

  • Acts as an ambassador for Western University
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the mission, vision and objectives of the Association
  • Motivates fellow alumni to be active in the advancement of the University and alumni engagement
  • Seeks new affinities that will expand the connection alumni have with the Association
  • Contributes to the good governance, integrity and ethical behaviour of the Association
  • Prepares for meetings by reviewing past minutes, committee reports, and any other information provided in advance
  • Engages in short-term, long-term and strategic planning exercises for the Association
  • Provides feedback to assist in the continued improvement of the quality of the Association

Expectations of an Alumni Board Member

  • Exhibit commitment to the Board and its decisions
  • Attend at least 3 of the 4 regularly scheduled board meetings
  • Attend University and alumni functions as required and whenever possible
  • Declare a conflict of interest as applicable
  • Participate on at least one committee of the Association
  • Demonstrate behaviour that reflects the best interests of the Association
  • Refrain from public criticism of fellow volunteers, staff or the organization
  • Contribute to a safe and welcoming environment by demonstrating respect and fair treatment of all members

Alumni Board Governance

For more information on the governance of the Alumni Association, please refer to the Constitution and By-Laws.

Application / Nomination

Note that candidates for the Board may either apply or be nominated by a fellow Western graduate. Prior to nominating a candidate, the nominator should first confirm with the candidate that they are willing to accept the nomination. Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

Nominator information (if applicable)

Candidate information

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