Board of Directors

Western Alumni is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which enjoys an advisory role with the Department of Alumni Relations at Western and ensures alumni representation in the University’s Board of Governors and Senate.

Members of Western Alumni voluntarily participate in alumni activities and freely give their time and energy as a positive expression of their commitment to the University. By creating student scholarships and bursaries, maintaining an alumni art collection, supporting Alumni Hall and other campus facilities, and contributing to alumni activities and programs on campus and around the world, Western Alumni demonstrates its continuing commitment to the University. Western Alumni has been independently recognized for its quality programs and services, and strives to review and update its efforts to address changing needs of alumni, the University and society.


Amy Bi
Amy Bi,
hsiuyan chan
Hsiu-Yan Chan,
BSc'03, BESc'03, MBA'12
Sarah Champman
Sarah Chapman,
burns cheadle
Burns Cheadle,
Chong Kant
Kant Chong,
avis favaro
Avis Favaro,
BA'81, MA'82
Helfand Matthewii
Matthew Helfand,
BA'13, MA'14, JD'18
nathan ho
Nathan Ho,
BA'08, MBA'16
MacDonald, Shannon
Shannon MacDonald,
danny matthews
Danny Matthews,
BSc'09, JD'14
McAuley, George
George McAuley,
BSc'96, BEd'98, MEd'10
melanie peacock
Melanie Peacock,
MBA'90, President
michael salvatori
Michael Salvatori,
BEd'90, MEd'94
Searle, Patrick
Patrick Searle,
Smith, Chantel
Chantel Smith,
Victoria Volk
Victoria Volk

Alumni Association Appointees to the Western University Senate (2-year term):

  • Burns Cheadle, PhD’86, To June 30, 2025
  • Dave Ferri, BA’76, BEd’78, MEd’86,To June 30, 2024
  • Julie Campbell, BHSc’02, BScN’14, MN’16 (President's Designate), To June 30, 2024

Alumni Association Appointees to the Western University Board of Governors (4-year term):

  • Greg Dick, BSc’93, To June 30, 2026
  • Keith Gibbons, BA'76, To June 30, 2024
  • Sarah Shortreed, BESc’89, To December 31, 2025
  • David Simmonds, BA’07,To December 31, 2028