Discover the World Travel Program

the polar bear webinar

Discover the World offers educational travel for Western alumni, their family and friends, current and retired faculty and staff as well as members of the community.

Embark on a transformative journey through the Discover the World travel program, where adventure meets education in a breathtaking blend of culture, discovery, and camaraderie. Join fellow Western alumni to unravel the wonders of the world together. Let every step be a testament to the joy of learning and the thrill of exploration. With Discover the World, every voyage is not just a trip, but a soul-stirring odyssey that ignites the spirit and leaves hearts brimming with unforgettable memories.

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance at the time of booking.
Along with our tour operators, we are committed to continually monitoring the risk to travelers in countries we plan to visit. View the government site about travel advice and advisories.