Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Looking to the Future

VISION: To inspire all alumni to share a lifelong commitment, pride and passion for Western.

MISSION: We are the catalyst for building a vigorous alumni network and a lifelong relationship among Western and its constituents, including students and graduates, and for supporting the University’s mission locally, nationally and internationally.

A focused and deliberate effort to increase alumni engagement will lead to a greater alumni voice in university life and improved pride in Western with measurable impact by 2018.

The Five Pillars of Engagement: Goals and Tactics



storiesInspire pride in alumni and inform members through compelling storytelling, engaging awareness campaigns and proactive social media supports.
  • Advance a strong, recognizable Western Alumni brand that fosters connections by:
    • Developing a comprehensive communications strategy that encompasses call-to-action appeals and clear deliverables for alumni and volunteers; and
    • Embracing Western’s Alumni social media channels and providing opportunities for alumni to connect ‘Mustang-to-Mustang’.
  • Raise awareness among alumni of the many programs, benefits and services available to them by:
    • Revamping the alumni website; and
    • Enhancing the content and delivery of all alumni communication.



benefitsProvide services and benefits that renew alumni affinity with the Association. Steward the endowed Legacy Funds and remain committed to leaving a lasting alumni legacy on campus through the allocation of the funds across campus priority projects.
  • Provide meaningful benefits and relevant services to alumni through the Association’s preferred partners by:
    • Expanding current offerings; and
    • Exploring new membership advantages of interest to alumni.
  • Leave a lasting legacy of the alumni impact on campus by:
    • Establishing an enhanced presence of key alumni volunteers, past presidents, alumni award recipients and major donors on campus;
    • Continued stewardship of Foundation Western legacy funds that support priority campus projects and innovative initiatives of relevance to the alumni community and of benefit to Western; and
    • Creating a welcome area for alumni that will enhance their visits to campus.



benefitsFoster a vibrant volunteer experience from front line to board leadership and ensure the Association continues to be relevant in its service to alumni. Listen to alumni voices and deliver a clear role for valued volunteers.
  • Fully realize and maximize the valuable contributions of our alumni directors by:
    • Onboarding and educating new members to the Association’s people, projects, plans and priorities;
    • Aligning volunteer strengths with committee assignments; and
    • Creating opportunities for innovative ideas and fostering an inclusive atmosphere for dialogue at meetings and gatherings.
  • Maximize the contributions of our regional alumni volunteers by:
    • Orienting and training all volunteers in regards to the strategic and annual plans of the Association; and
    • Providing volunteers with current and useful materials and supports to best facilitate their gifts of talent and time.
  • Listen to alumni voices and serve as advocates for the alumni membership on matters of interest by:
    • Conducting a survey of the alumni membership to seek their input into their desired “Best Alumni Experience”
    • Developing an on-going feedback mechanism for members of the alumni community; and
    • Championing the affairs of Western and its ongoing development.
  • Develop a forum for an exchange of ideas in the manner of a human capital campaign by:
    • Building relationships with Western’s advocates and supporters; and
    • Engaging alumni with allegiances to Western’s Affiliated University Colleges and Alumni Chapters to develop collaborative ventures that collectively enhance and respect their interests.



benefitsDesign, deliver and promote programs that provide alumni meaningful ways to engage with the University over their lifetime.
  • Increase alumni and student involvement in traditional alumni program offerings while continuing to double alumni engagement and deliver high-quality and high-impact programs by:
    • Broadening the scope of the Alumni Career Management Portfolio and increase enrolment in mentorship and coaching programs;
    • Continuing to deliver the Best Homecoming in Canada through refined programming, partnership supports and continued enhancements of existing event framework;
    • Celebrating reunion milestones and the anniversaries of faculties, divisions and varsity teams; and
    • Honouring key moments in the alumni life cycle – such as Convocation receptions and student-to-alumni transition offerings.
  • Design and develop innovative digital strategies to extend our lifelong learning to alumni globally by:
    • Showcasing the Senior Alumni Program online to engage alumni living in all markets;
    • Building digital learning experiences for alumni of all ages around topics of interest for varied life stages; and
    • Offering digital supports for alumni in career transition.
  • Enhance the Alumni Awards and Recognition program by:
    • Promoting the achievements of our notable alumni; and
    • Celebrating the recipients of our Alumni Award of Merit program as well as the faculty, varsity and affinity-based recognition programs.



networksProvide alumni access to a growing network of peers and facilitate their interactions amongst one another and with Western. Strengthen relationships with Affiliated University College alumni and with those alumni who present with strong affinity for their home faculty, a varsity team or shared experience.
  • Facilitate alumni access to the Western community and the growing alumni network by:
    • Designing an alumni ambassador program with a focus on regional supports;
    • Analyzing metrics and determining best areas for regional efforts aligned with growth strategies in support of doubling alumni engagement;
    • Building capacity among branch and chapter volunteers through strategic recruitment; and
    • Creating engagement opportunities in our top regional markets with a focus on post-event follow-up measures.