Western at the Olympics


The Western Mustangs Alumni Association (WMAA) is excited and pleased to be involved in a sponsored project with the International Centre for Olympic Studies (ICOS).

The “Western at the Olympics” project at the International Centre for Olympic Studies will entail at least three parts:

  • A wall in the ICOS dedicated to the over 130 Western Alumni who have represented Canada (and Western) at the Olympic Games.
  • The development of an interactive video presentation and display of the unique and detailed stories of these amazing WMAA members and their contributions.
  • Dedicated Lecture Series – “The WMAA Lecture Series” on the social impact and leadership of talented varsity athletes and coaches at the Olympic Games.

These are to be located in the newly renovated and relocated International Centre for Olympic Studies in Somerville House where it connects into Thames Hall. And the aim is to have this area ready and operational for the Grand Opening on Homecoming Weekend 2021.

The project will be managed and implemented by Dr. Angela Schneider, Director for the International Centre for Olympic Studies with the support of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

This new project, “Western at the Olympics,” to be launched in the upcoming year, helps to fulfill some of the primary objectives of the WMAA. The WMAA seeks to honour our most accomplished athletic alumni and to expand awareness of our organization and new active members. The location of this proposed project gives the opportunity for constant prime exposure to our Mustangs Olympians, Western Athletics and the WMAA brand. The annual lecture series portion of this project assures that this initiative will be continually active, highlighting Western alumni, Western Athletics and the WMAA brand.

We will provide more details as they become available.