Nursing Alumni

Nursing Alumni

Western's Nursing Alumni Chapter came together in 2005. The goal of the committee is to keep nursing alumni informed and engaged with the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing.

Nursing Alumni of Distinction Award

Western’s Nursing Alumni Chapter is pleased to offer an annual awards program that recognizes significant contributions by an alumnus to the university community, the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing and nursing profession. Nominate an outstanding Western nursing alumna or alumnus for a Nursing Alumni of Distinction Award or the Rising Star Award. The Awards are presented each year at the Nursing Homecoming Event. The recipients will receive an elegant Alumni of Distinction award as a keepsake.

Please review the nominations criteria outlined below. Nominations must be submitted using the online line nomination form. The submission deadline is June 15th.

The Nursing Chapter hosts a number of social events each year including a Homecoming Brunch and a golf clinic. The chapter also participates in the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing Annual Research Conference.


Rising Star Award:

This award is presented to an alumnus who has graduated within the past 10 years from the undergraduate or graduate programs, in recognition of outstanding career achievements and/or contributions to the School, their local nursing or health care community. The recipient is a role model for those new to the profession and sets a standard of excellence to which others can aspire.

Nursing Alumni of Distinction Award:

This award recognizes outstanding lifetime accomplishments of an alumnus who aligns with one or more areas below:

    • Professional achievement in clinical care
    • This alumnus is dedicated to the Nursing profession and goes above and beyond in their line of work and makes a significant impact on groups, individuals, and/or the larger Nursing profession as a role model
    • Significant contributions to research and/or education
    • This alumnus stands out in the field of research as having made compelling and impactful progress towards the advancement of their discipline and is committed to continuing their learning and education either through everyday practice or higher education
    • Commitment to community and leadership
    • This alumnus is committed to bettering the Nursing community, successfully enriching the lives of others through community service and displaying exemplary leadership

Nomination Process

Completed Nomination Forms must be submitted by June 15th in order to be considered for awarding at that year’s Homecoming event. Candidates may not make personal applications for the Alumni Awards of Distinction. Nominations may be submitted by any individual, whether independently or on behalf of a group or institution. Completed nominations may be considered for 3 years after submission.

Nursing Alumni of Distinction Award Recipients

  • 2023 - Cindy-Lee Dennis, MScN’95
  • 2023 - Rising Star: Alexis Smith, BScN’16, MScN’18
  • 2022 - Laura Wilding, BScN’90
  • 2022 - Nancy Watters, BScN ’72, MScN, ’80
  • 2021 - Mary Anne Andrusyszyn, MScN’86
  • 2021 - Rising Star: Susana Caxaj, PhD’13
  • 2021 - Dionne Sinclair, BScN’98
  • 2021 - Carol Wong, BScN’71, MScN’86
  • 2019 - Yvette Laforet-Fliesser, BScN'74, MScN'81
  • 2019 - Rising Star: Jennifer Martin, BScN’08
  • 2018 - Janice McCallum, MScN’79
  • 2018 - Dr. Catherine Ward-Griffin, BScN’79, MScN’88
  • 2017 - Rising Star: Kimie Soriano, BScN'07
  • 2016 - Kelly Metcalfe, BScN'96
  • 2015 - Eileen Denomy, BScN ’87, MScN’00
  • 2014 - Heather Whittle, BScN’90, MScN’94
  • 2013 - Elsie MacMaster, BScN’62, MScN’77
  • 2012 - Annabel Sells, BScN’67

Nursing Alumni Chapter Breakfast Lecture by Susana Caxaj