Local Government Alumni Society

Local Government

The Local Government Alumni Society is comprised of the hundreds of graduates of the Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (DPA) and the Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs.

The Society contributes to and receives the newsletter, Alumni News and Views, and sponsors an annual conference on current issues and perspectives in local government. Alumni maintain an active network and provide essential support to the MPA and DPA programs by recruiting new applicants, providing summer work experience placements to full time MPA students, mentoring students and other alumni, and participating in the annual conference.

Annually, the Society honours individuals in public service who have distinguished themselves through their professional achievements in the public sector with the Local Government Program Alumni Society Award of Excellence.

Facebook photo album from the 2019 Local Government Alumni Conference

2021 Alumni Executive Elected At The Annual General Meeting

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting held in November, the membership elected your 2021 Executive.

  • President
    Jaclyn Rodrigues, MPA (2016)
  • Vice-President
    Catalina Blumenberg, MPA (2017)
  • Past-President
    Rukmini Madduluri DPA (2014)
  • 2021 Conference Co-Chairs
    Tyler Raponi, MPA (2020)
    Mollie Kuchma, MPA (2018)
  • Toronto Area Representative
    Rukmini Madduluri DPA (2014)
  • Student Representative
    Brian Geerts, MPA Student
  • Director-at-Large
    David Arbuckle, MPA (2019)
    Aren Plante, MPA (2020)

LGP Alumni Society Constitution

The Constitution can be viewed here