The Canadian Barley Tea Company

Janice Ishizaka, BA'94

We’re The Canadian Barley Tea Company from Beautiful British Columbia and we make mo'mugi, organic BC roasted barley tea, the only one in Canada. mo'mugi has a toasty comforting taste like puffed wheat and smells like popcorn. It doesn't contain and caffeine or sugar and cold mo'mugi is more refreshing than water and you can enjoy it all day long. Barley tea has been the number one drink in Japan for over 500 years for everyone from babies to adults and health benefits include increasing circulation, helping to prevent cavities, and providing antioxidants. Here's what a customer recently told us: "mo'mugi is a delicious tea to sip on throughout the day. It is my new coffee drink of the morning as well. I make a large thermos of mo'mugi and enjoy all day long. LOVE this tea." 

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