SowSweet Greetings

Renato Rossi, BA'16

SowSweet Greetings Inc. is a Toronto-based stationary business that aims to put smiles on faces, and flowers in the ground. All of our products are 100% Canadian, made from recycled paper and embedded with wildflower seeds ready for planting, making us the Original Plantable Pun! Accompanying envelopes are made from recycled content as well. Our clear-sleeve packaging and labels are both made of compostable plant-based material. At SowSweet, we pride ourselves not only on our environmental awareness and commitment to supporting local Canadian suppliers, but also on our ability to get people smiling! Our original and hand-drawn designs, printed at home in Toronto, feature over 100 different punny sayings and images. We offer cards, cardlettes and other promotional material to cover a variety of occasions, from birthdays, to graduation, weddings, new babies, sympathy, just because, and more. With these plantable puns, you never have to feel guilty about throwing out a greeting card ever again!