Shinn Communications Canada Inc.

Stephen Shinn, BMUS'93
ONLINE from St. Catharines, ON

Our agency provides public and media relations campaigns, event planning, spokesperson acquisition/management and Brand Representation. We are a small but highly proficient team of senior public relations professionals with a proven track record of making your brand’s story shine. We believe in truly partnering with our clients to get a well-rounded view of your business and what matters most to you. We won’t pretend to understand the inner workings of your company from day one – our team knows when to shut up and listen – but can assure you that we’re experts in all things PR. Staying on top of key industry trends is a priority, and we’ve spent over 20 years building solid relationships with influencers, media, and decision-makers. Get in touch today! 

Western Alumni Discount

We will offer a discount on retainer work for Western alumni.