Forest City First Aid Inc.

Kyeongphil (Brandon) Ryu, BMOS
1490 Richmond St Unit 106, London, ON N6G 2M3

Utilizing the experiences and knowledge learned from my first business and my Western degree, I decided to start a first aid business in my 2nd year. My initial goal was to revolutionize the first aid industry and solve the major issues that frequently plague first aid, including how first aid courses can be ineffective and boring. As a lifeguard, taking first aid courses was extremely boring, equipment was of poor quality or missing, and many instructors sometimes wouldn't teach it to the required standard.

I focused on providing the highest quality in 3 different areas of my business: improving the instructor quality, the classroom environment, and finally, equipment capacity. Through this focus and commitment to improving in all facets, we have grown substantially thanks to our local and loyal customers. We regularly get feedback that our courses are some of the best our customers have ever taken. The positive and uplifting reviews and feedback have motivated our entire company and we hope to expand our business across Ontario to educate other communities and prepare them for emergencies.⠀

Forest City First Aid trains and certify students, businesses, health care professionals, families in first aid and CPR. What sets us apart from the rest is how we utilize higher quality equipment, instructors and believe practical components are extremely important so that each student feels confident after the course. Our classes are fun and very informative and our certifications are given through the Lifesaving Society that are nationally recognized.