Eyepowered Media Inc.

David Stevens, BA'91
ONLINE from London, ON

Whether you are planning for a virtual event, hybrid or video production right away or you need to budget for it down the road, we're here to help supercharge your live streamed event or video project. The crew at Eyepowered Media Inc. are experts in producing dynamic online virtual events that go beyond the usual group webcast, and don't break your budget. We can show you our examples of live streamed corporate conferences, non-profit fundraisers, business promotional webcasts, employee leadership summits, sporting events, employee award ceremonies, community events, and celebration of life services (anonymous sample). There are exciting trends in virtual and hybrid events and we can show you the new options. Want to get started? Let's talk. We'd love to hear about your upcoming event and show you how Eyepowered Media's tech and creative ideas can make it one to remember!