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Apply to promote your business or service to more than 315,000 alumni around the globe. Whether you live in London, ON or Sydney, Australia, chances are there are fellow alumni in your area.

Participating businesses may be featured on the Alumni Business Directory website, on the Western Alumni website and through our social media channels.

Please note all applications are subject to review and verification by the Alumni Relations office. Participating businesses are responsible for ensuring the content on the website is up to date.

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Please provide full business address information including city, province and postal code. If you don’t have a storefront and would prefer the address is not posted, please add ONLINE at the beginning of your address.

Please ensure all information above is correct as we may need to contact you for additional information and to confirm participation.


Western University reserves the right to refuse to post Alumni Business Directory listings and/or associated images for any reason at any time. Western University may, but has no obligation to, remove content that it determines in its sole discretion is offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates any party's intellectual property or the values of this institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business qualifies to be included in the directory?

A business that is defined as an independently, locally owned and operated company (non-franchise) that is limited in size and revenue depending on the industry, and free from outside control. The business cannot offer services that are in direct competition with our Preferred Partners, TD Insurance (Home and Auto Insurance) and Manulife (Life, Health and Travel Insurance).

Does the business have to be owned by a Western University alumni to qualify?


Why aren’t submissions automatically added to the page?

Before we post a business, we will verify that it is, in fact, owned by a Western University alumni. Also, in accordance with Western University policy, we will verify that businesses are consistent with the fundamental missions of the University and not in conflict with the brand of the University.

Is Western Alumni providing financial support to businesses on this page?

No, this is simply a list of businesses. Western Alumni is not providing financial assistance to specific businesses.

How can I apply to have my business added?

Please fill in the online application.