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Your Alumni Ambassador can help you: expand your local network; make connections with fellow alumni; bring your ideas back to campus; and keep you informed about upcoming alumni events and initiatives. Connect today!

Gloria XU Headshot

Gloria XU, HBA’18

Profession: Graduate Student
Interests: Exploring new neighbourhoods, hosting dinner parties, and discovering new hobbies
Email: gloriajyx@gmail.com

I’m an Alumni Ambassador because: “My time spent at Western, along with the friendships I made there have helped me become who I am today. Here in London, England, the alumni network makes the city feel a lot more like home and I am looking forward to connecting with Western students and alumni.”

Kari McCreath Headshot

Kari McCreath, Hons. BA,’00

Profession: Media Sales
Interests: Indoor Cycling Instructor, Tennis, Downhill skiing
Email: karimccreath@rogers.com
Phone Number: +44 7 882 188 049

I’m an Alumni Ambassador because: “My experiences and the life-long friendships that I made at Huron helped me shape who I am today. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to help and connect with Western students and alumni who are looking to establish themselves in London.”