Winning cover letters

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a document that allows an applicant to market their suitability in a different way and compliments a resume.

Do I really need one?

Yes! Unless the posting states “Do not include a cover letter,” it is recommended that an applicant send one to accompany a resume.

Cover letter tips:

  • Tailor your letter specifically to the position
  • Pinpoint what the employer is looking for in the posting and reflect it in the cover letter.
  • Talk about the specific challenges the employer may be facing, where they are going and how you can help them get there. As a guideline, say something that means something to the reader and that 99% of the other candidates won’t mention.
  • Format your letter in a way that is easy to read
  • Incorporate 3-5 bullets between paragraphs that take up one half to two-thirds of a page in total.
  • If your cover letter will be the body of an e-mail, it should be mobile friendly in length, imagine opening it on your phone. Keep it brief and to the point with digestible bits of information.

What to include:

  • Start strong by grabbing the reader’s attention with your qualifications (Ex: “Over a 13-year career in target marketing, I have led national teams to win over 14 performance awards.)
  • Consider storytelling (Ex:” When I joined XYZ organization in 2006. They challenged me to double customer base within 3 years. I achieved it in less than 2 years and have since gone on to expand into new markets.” )
  • Candid qualifications presented in a way that addresses what the employer looking is for.
  • Be brief, sound confident and market yourself as the solution to their needs