What you need to know about getting hired

We invited four expert panelists to chat about hiring and getting hired during our first #PurpleWorks Twitter Chat.

Name one thing applicants can do to stand out amongst the competition when they are applying to jobs without a referral?

What are 2 things successful candidates tend to do in the application and interview process?

How can individuals can look for advancement opportunities within their own organization?

What role does social media play in recruitment and hiring new employees?

What is the most common mistake you see job seekers make?

What are acceptable ways job seekers can reach out to find more information about a role or an organization?

Do you have any thoughts on cover letters? Many are asking if they are outdated and necessary.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received or have given?

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Stay tuned in March for our next #PurpleWorks topic: Acing the Interview.