Defining your value proposition for a targeted job search

Job Interview

Spending months looking for a job without any interviews can leave a job seeker with very little confidence and convinced that there is something wrong with them. The truth is, even if you are accomplished and successful at what you do, failing to take the time to define your value proposition will result in a job search that is too broad and unproductive as well as a resume and/or LinkedIn profile that make no sense.

Understanding your value so you can send a clear and convincing message to employers that you are the one they need is the most effective way to secure an interview and subsequently, the job itself.

The key is to know what problems you solve and what skills you use to solve them. Once you identify that, you can use the information to narrow your job search and articulate it properly on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Assessing and qualifying your value to employers convinces them you are worth hiring.

Not sure how to do this? Let’s take the case of a description commonly found in a resume or cover letter.

Accomplished IT professional with a proven track record of success. Known for creativity and resourcefulness, I am a successful at time-management and effective at the art of coordinating projects.

While the statement above sounds wonderful and may even use valuable keywords, a document filled with statements like this will ultimately not stand out among the sea of other applicants.

To stand out, you will need to prove something backed by facts to validate your claim. Without these facts, you will likely come off unintentionally selling yourself too hard or not at all. To improve your description, quantify where possible and provide examples of past successes.

With this in mind, a more effective description might read like this:

8+ years experience managing more than 15 multi-phase projects in IT with budgets ranging from $15,000 to $1M and a 97% on time and under budget completion rate.

The second description is supported with figures and details that validate your claim. Assessing your value and revealing it to organizations is vital to an effective job search and goes a long way in helping a future employer understand the specific value you will bring.

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