Common resume questions

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How long should my resume be?

3 pages is usually the absolute maximum for someone with senior level experience. Today, resumes are getting tighter than ever, so if you can do it 2 pages or less, even better.

What are the best fonts to use?

Keep it simple: Times New Roman or Arial are most common. Stay away from fancy fonts.

What contact information should I include?

One or two phone numbers at which you can be reached (home and cell), one email address, and a link to your LinkedIn profile. It’s not necessary to include your full address, although you can include a line such as “Greater Toronto Area.”

How far back should I go?

As far back as is relevant. A comfortable guideline is 15 years. Once going back far enough, using a line such as “Previous experience includes leadership roles with ABC Company and XYZ Inc.” centered on the page provides enough relevant detail.

Should I include a picture since there’s one on my LinkedIn profile?

Avoid photos on your resume.  LinkedIn is a different medium and a good photo is strongly recommended. 

Are there any good resume templates I can use?

No.  Resume templates tend to force you to fit your unique career into their format.  Build a strategically designed resume that’s right for you and the content you want to highlight.

What about colour on a resume?

It is not necessary. At more senior levels, it can start to look unprofessional. In some creative fields a uniquely designed resume is a showcase of talent.

Should I include hobbies? Volunteer work?

This can depend.  The best kinds of hobbies to include are ones that say something about your drive (Marathon running, or obtaining levels of achievement in something).  Volunteer work, can look favorably on a resume, especially if you’ve held a leadership role within the organization.  It is recommended to stay away from listing religious or political affiliations which are irrelevant in your candidacy. 

Should I save it as a Word File or PDF?


Do I need to say “References are Available upon Request?