Accomplishment statements

Purpose of Accomplishment Statements

Successful marketing involves packaging your skills and experiences to demonstrate your strengths to a potential employer. Accomplishment statements are not descriptions of your job duties; they are specific contributions you have made to your organization, either individually or as part of a team. Accomplishment statements can include special projects you have worked on and assignments you have completed, whether through paid work or volunteer experiences.

Guidelines for writing Accomplishment Statements

You will increase your effectiveness by using the following formula to write your Accomplishment Statements:

Accomplishment Formula

Skill Action verb

Planned, initiated, coordinated, etc.

What you did

Planned a meeting, initiated a program, etc. (connected to an interesting detail, e.g., who you did it for, number of people, size of budget, size of caseload, type of issues/population).


The bottom-line effect of your effort (e.g., saved time or money, exceeded sales goals, reduced errors, increased student retention. Quantify the results in numerical or percentage terms whenever possible and appropriate (e.g., How much?  How many? What time period?)

Statements with this structure create a scenario and emphasize what you did, not what you were required to do. This is the time to “toot your own horn.”  Recognize your skills and what you have achieved. 

Remember, highlight one primary action and result for each statement. An accomplishment statement should include all three parts but the order does not matter.


  • Planned a meeting for over 100 employees to educate them on changes to the UC benefits plan, which resulted in a decrease in phone calls to the help desk.
  • Designed departmental policy and procedures to handle customer complaints. Reduced complaints by 50%.
  • Coordinated all facets of record keeping system for a small department, involving payroll, insurance, banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger.
  • Monitored budgets of $600,000 - $650,000 monthly for eight years, reconciling discrepancies and preparing financial reports for management.
  • Completed $2.5 million project three months ahead of schedule and 4% under budget.
  • Reviewed demographic data and labor market projections to establish program goals.
  • Organized and maintained complex database of over 5,000 accounts. 
  • Received performance award for detection and correction of a major construction problem.
  • Maintained an excellent departmental safety record during twenty years of employment. 
  • Developed and managed facility renovation projects with a $1.5 million budget.
  • Facilitated cross-functional communication, collaboration, integration and alignment across multiple stakeholder teams (Regions, Industry Solutions, Lines of Business, Product Marketing, Industry Value Engineering, Sales, and Partners), which led to consistent execution and brand voice across markets.
  • Developed industry-specific core content and marketing assets to communicate value of cloud, analytics, in-memory computing and mobile solutions which drove lead generation, revenue and pipeline growth.
  • Managed and created core content and assets which supported marketing programs and sales enablement, and partner programs, always analyzing effectiveness and reach.
  • Researched, analyzed and provided market insights which drove product capabilities and the healthcare innovation roadmap. 
  • Led solution launches and solution naming for multiple healthcare solutions, providing a successful framework for all projects.
  • Developed and executed social media plan to achieve marketing goals and support achievement of business unit revenue targets.  Doubled social reach and increased Klout score 50%.