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Build a Meaningful Life & Career

4-week Virtual Masterclass

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How many times have you been asked

"What will you do when you graduate?"

Or been offered this career advice

"You need to find your passion!"

You might still be wondering

What do I want to do with the rest of life?

What if you had permission to flip the script?

It’s not about the job you want…it’s about the problems you want to help solve. It’s not about finding your passion…it’s about designing a life you love.

Built on the Life Design framework from Stanford University, and using key principles from design thinking, this free masterclass will help you think differently about your future and give you the tools to address the wicked challenges of life and vocational wayfinding.

Using the Life Design method to design your career will result in more ideas, more creativity, feeling less anxious about the future and more confident in your ability to build the life you choose.

Whether you are a current Mustang, graduating student, or proud alumnus, you will find value in time spent imagining – and planning – your next steps.



The highly interactive program is designed to be flexible and fit comfortably into your busy life. You are encouraged to join us for 4 weekly, 2-hour live zoom sessions, and can re-watch the recorded sessions at your convenience.

Blended Learning

In between the weekly zoom sessions, you’ll be asked to spend up to 1 additional hour completing personal assignments that will solidify your learning and prepare you for the next week.


The program includes the development of a Personal Odyssey Plan. You’ll leave with concrete and exciting ideas you can implement right away. You’ll also be connected to a Life Design team for support now and in the future.


Introduction: You Are Here
  • Workview & Lifeview
  • The Life Design Framework
  • Thinking Like a Designer

Marketplace Realities
  • Passion vs. Meaning
  • Degree-Career Linkage
  • Networking Reframe
  • Odyssey Planning

Ideation and Radical Collaboration
  • Odyssey Planning Con’t
  • Challenges You Want to Solve
  • Ideas for Your Future
  • Choosing well & Moving On

A Well-Designed Life
  • Prototyping Your Plan
  • Curating Your Team
  • Learnings & Unlearning

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