Galapagos Islands

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Trip Details

Dates: February 6 - 16, 2023
Tour Operator: Worldwide Quest
Cost: From $7295 USD
Maximum Passengers: 14

Join biologist and broadcaster Dan Riskin aboard this exclusively chartered 14-passenger exploration. Worldwide Quest's Galapagos private yacht expedition remains one of their most highly rated natural history programs and is consistently named a  “trip of a lifetime”.

Our expert Quest leader and local Galapagos naturalist guide are on board to lead island walks and on-board talks as we set sail to discover these remarkable island ecosystems, skirting past nesting boobies, scouting the seas for breaching whales and snorkeling among colourful fish.

All of the reptiles, half the birds, 32% of the plants, and 25% of the fish are unique to this amazing archipelago. And what is so special about the Galapagos experience is that these creatures act as though humans are nothing more than a passing interest, allowing us to observe them up close. Undisturbed by our nearness, they engage in intriguing courtship displays, groom one another, forage for food and nurture their young. Giant Tortoises graze in the lush highlands and dinosaur-like Marine Iguanas sun themselves on black lava rocks along the shores. Tiny Galapagos Penguins and playful Galapagos Sea Lions dart through the waters like torpedoes, while both Magnificent and Great Frigatebirds patrol the skies.

*Have you ever wanted to explore the Amazon rainforest, see Machu Picchu or discover the tremendous bird diversity in Ecuador's cloud forest? Worldwide Quest offers three different extensions in conjunction with our Galapagos expedition. Please enquire!

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