Bhutan - the last Shangri-La?

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Trip Details

Dates: October 31 - November 10, 2023
Tour Operator: Worldwide Quest
Cost: $8995 USD
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Maximum Passengers: 16

Bhutan is the perfect antidote to the last few years of uncertainty and stress.

Overlooked by most travellers, Bhutan is a place of rivers and mountains, gracious people and a lively culture rooted in spirituality. This tour is rich with people experiences, introducing you to nation builders, chefs, artists and spiritual leaders.

You’ll walk paths known only to locals, have tea with monastery monks, and explore the natural beauty of Bhutan’s wildflower meadows, forests, orchards and terraced rice fields. The Himalayan nation is a world leader in its commitment to being fully organic, the results of which you’ll taste in every fresh, healthy meal enjoyed in its restaurants and farm homes.

Do you have concern about travelling to Bhutan? The Government of Canada travel website says to take normal security precautions, similar to those you would take in Canada.

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