About this plan

In 2016, the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors conducted a strategic planning exercise to reaffirm its vision and mission and provide a forum for alumni to share their views. The Board approached the project with an aim to assist the institution in its goal of doubling alumni engagement. A series of roundtable events, an online portal and stakeholder meetings were delivered. The resulting strategic plan will serve to guide the work of the Board of Directors, volunteers and dedicated staff partners.

We know Western alumni are intensely loyal to their alma mater and want to ensure their University continues to prosper and meet its goals. They are eager to assist both the institution and the Association, but don’t always know how they can help. In developing this strategic plan, it became apparent that Western alumni are:

  • Often unaware of many of the programs, benefits and initiatives available to them as members of the Alumni Association;
  • Happy to raise their hands and roll up their sleeves, but they need to understand how and why; and
  • Interested in the needs of current Western students and want to give back.

The Alumni Association must demonstrate a commitment to alumni and communicate clearly what they can expect to receive as part of the Western alumni community. At the highest level, the Association needs to illustrate the desired outcomes of an impact-focused program that demonstrates benefits to alumni and to Western:

Benefits to AlumniBenefits to Western
Bolster pride in Western among alumni Strengthen Western’s reputation
Participate in meaningful opportunities to become engaged and feel a part of Western’s success Garner investment of time, talent and treasure from alumni and their networks
Provide continuous access to learning, personal and professional development opportunities Align with the University’s strategic direction and core strengths. Assist in supporting academic and research activities and foster the Best Student Experience