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Warren Bongard, LLB’91.

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Toronto, where I’ve spent my entire life with the exception of my three years at Western for law school.


I met my wife Kelly in 1997, got married in 1998 and had our first of three kids in 1999. We have 19-year-old son Jared, a 16-year-old daughter Carly and a 9-year-old son Harlan.

bongard family
Bongard and his family call Toronto home.


After Western, I took a job on Bay Street as a corporate lawyer at Blaney McMcurty in 1992. Four years later, I got into the legal search firm business, establishing my own firm and then co-founding ZSA in 1997, where I remain as President today.


I’ve always been a Maple Leafs fan. I’m that guy who still believes the Stanley Cup will come back to Toronto! I was so in love with hockey that I started a player agency when I was practising law, where I had the opportunity to negotiate with some of my childhood heroes like Tony Esposito and Bobby Clarke.


Toronto has so many great restaurants and new ones pop up every day. That said, House of Chan may be my favorite. They make fantastic steak and spare ribs. It’s an old local restaurant that always feels like a second home.


I love to travel and recently returned from two weeks in Portugal and Spain. Madrid was amazing – such a great vibe. And I always like going back to southern California and Laguna Beach. The views are breathtaking and the weather is spectacular.

Bongard and one of his hockey heroes, former Maple Leafs player Börje Salming.


Hosting the Western Law Games was right up there, especially one very early hockey game that had me going straight from a party to the rink at 6 a.m. Needless to say we lost that game. That, and also celebrating with my fellow students at the “Third Year Party”. It was such a great celebration of three years of intensive studies. Our class bonded so well and it was a chance to truly celebrate our accomplishments.

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